When a clash between two high school students spirals out of control in The Classroom their teacher decides to keep them after school. Underlying tensions come to the surface and difficult truths are confronted when their Mothers arrive to pick them up. Set in a Winnipeg high school, The Classroom tackles the reality of racism in our communities and the consequences of silence.


Originally produced at Studio 58 in February 2016

About Fourplay: 

New work by excited writers 2016 marked the 11th mounting of this popular festival of one-act plays, featuring 4 new scripts by current students and graduates, once again under the tutelage of award-winning playwright Aaron Bushkowsky. In two exciting programs, directed by four of BC’s best directors, the playwrights delve into contemporary themes with a sharp eye and fresh voice





Originally from Winnipeg, Markian Tarasiuk moved to Vancouver for the acting training program at Studio 58. Upon graduation, Markian formed SpeakEasy Theatre Company, performing in their inaugural show of 3...2...1 by Nathan Cuckow and Chris Craddock. Markian's first play, The Classroom, was produced originally as part of Studio 58's Fourplay Festival. Markian continues to act in film and television and with various theatre companies around Vancouver. 

ORIGINAL PRODUCTION: Studio 58, jan/feb 2016

WORkshop: Nov 2016

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