by Meghan Gardiner

The Gateway Theatre, March 14 - 23, 2019

Seeking the following roles:

GARETH: Male, Late 30's to 50’s, Open Ethnicity. A prison guard who enjoys his job for all the wrong reasons. From a small, conservative town in Ontario, high school educated.

COREY: Male, early 20’s. Open Ethnicity. From an affluent family, likeable and well-mannered but has issues with authority. Terrified to be in prison for the first time. A huge hockey fan.

About Gross Misconduct
Now in his early fifties, Deke has been incarcerated in Millhaven Prison for the past twenty years. In all that time, he has been without a cellmate, until Corey, a twenty-something rich kid, joins him in his cell. A complicated bond slowly forms between the two, and tensions rise as they debate the nature of their crimes. When Corey begs his cellmate for protection, Deke is forced to confront his past.

Audition day 1:  July 2nd, 2018
Audition day 2: July 3rd, 2018

Contract Dates: Feb 26 - March 23, 2019
Contract type: CAEA Indie 2.2 Agreement

Due to the high volume of submissions, only successful applicants will be contacted.

Please send headshot and resume (PDF FORMAT ONLY) to:
Subject: Gross Misconduct/Character Name